SonarQube 8.9.9 LTS released

Hi all,

With a bit of delay, SonarSource is pleased to inform you of the release of SonarQube 8.9.9, which fixes several bugs and security risks on the LTS.

Release notes are here. Please open new threads for any questions you have.

As usual, download is available at Docker images are also available on Docker Hub.


Hi Chris,

i still struggle to access the release notes. The “Release Notes” link on the public LTS download page for 8.9.9 is not working, seems as if the release notes are somewhere in a closed area of Jira. I applied for a Jira account but got rejected.

Then there’s this thread: Security Fixes in SQ 8.9.9 and 9.5 which mentions three security related tickets, but again no details.

Any updates?

Hi Jochen,

We faced some troubles with the ReleaseNotes when migrating our Jira projects to the cloud.
But the problem should now be mitigated.

You may have a problem with the cache of your web browser if you tried to access these links during the last few days.



Is there any release date approximation for the next LTS (version 9.y.x)? Is it again 18 months after this release? Because I saw that there are lots of LTS 8.9.x versions released so I want to make sure the next release.

For information, we currently have a plugin that doesn’t work with 9.x.y versions and we would like to know the next version release date. It is crucial to us to know because we need to make plans to update the plugin beforehand.


We are estimating Q4 2022 / Q1 2023 for a v9.x LTS release.


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Do you have some updates about the planned release date of v9.x LTS?

On which version will it be based?

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We are running Non-LTS Version 9.5 (Developer Edition) and plan to upgrade to LTS 9.x (Developer Edition) once it is available. Should we keep upgrading to Non-LTS 9.x latest until LTS 9.x becomes available OR better wait? Would LTS 9.x be closer to any specific non-LTS 9.x version?? Please advice on a better transition from Non-LTS 9.5 to LTS 9.x. Thank you!!

Any non-LTS version of SonarQube is EOL as soon as a new version is released.

v9.x LTS will release in Q12023, and will be the culmination of all the work done in the v9.x series – hardened for an LTS release.

If you run a non-LTS version, you should always try and upgrade as soon as a new version is released.

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Hey all,

Take a look at this update!

I am planning to migrate projects from SonarQube Community Edition 8.9.9 and move Enterprise Edition(Version Unknown till) where i hold the administer permission on the projects to be in scope of migration

Can you suggest a good plan and steps to migrate from above edition to Enterprise Edition?