Sonarqube 8.8 New bug display is empty

Hi Jacek,

Just so I have it right, you want any scanner execution log or a specific one?
And what exactly is computer engine logs, the sonarqube server logs with SONAR_LOG_LEVEL=TRACE

The logs of the scanner (with debug enabled) when analyzing that specific branch, resulting in 2 issues that aren’t displayed.
The compute engine logs are the server logs, specifically the sonarqube_ce file that you sent before. We are interested in also seeing what happens there when the analysis is processed after being executed by the scanner.

OK, email sent to Jacek.


Any update folks?


Sorry for delay, we still have a problem to identify a cause of that unexpected behaviour you are encountering.

Could I ask you to execute this query:
select * from components c where c.kee = 'API:API.Main/Views/OAuth/Authorize.cshtml' ?

Hi Jacek,

No data output

Hi Folks,
Any update?


@jacek.poreda @dmeneses
Any update?


Hey @123dev,

Sorry for delaying response, we were kinda able to reproduce your issue artificially, here is the bug ticket you can track: SONAR-14956

As a temporary fix - I recommend you to execute this two queries to close issues which are causing problems (please make a backup of DB before doing so) and then reindex Elasticsearch as you did previously:

update issues set status='CLOSED' where kee = 'AXlheCdcd1kawb4PTSAY';
update issues set status='CLOSED' where kee = 'AXlheCdcd1kawb4PTSAZ'

Let me know if that helped.


Thanks @jacek.poreda
I tried your suggested temporary fix

dropped ES and started again,
sadly I’m still seeing the same issue :frowning:


Could you double check if the issues has been updated correctly?

select kee, status from issues where kee in ('AXlheCdcd1kawb4PTSAY' , 'AXlheCdcd1kawb4PTSAZ');


Hmm, there may be more than this two issues without components.

Could you also execute this query:

select count(*) from issues i left join components c on i.component_uuid  = c. uuid where c.uuid  is null;

This query will allow to see how many issues without attached component you have in your database.



Any update? any resolution in sight? we really need to get to the bottom of this.
The product usability is seriously handicapped.


@jacek.poreda and @dmeneses