Sonarqube 8.8 New bug display is empty

Hey @123dev,

Could you execute following query on your database?

select to_timestamp(issue_creation_date/1000), count(kee) 
from issues i
where  i.issue_creation_date > 1619042400000 and i.issue_creation_date < 1619301600000 and i.project_uuid = (select p.uuid from projects p where p.kee = '{YOUR_PROJECT_KEY}') 
group by issue_creation_date;

Hi Jacek,
Here’s the result of the query.


Thanks @123dev ,

There is one more thing you could do, to help me analyse that issue, as I still struggle with investigation what’s wrong.

Could you enable TRACE logging in your SQ instance and sent me all file logs it will produce (web, es etc.)?

It would be great that you would enter issues page during that, so that I could check logs during that issue you have.


Hi Jacek,
I upgraded to 8.9, enabled Trace as requested and went the problem area which was still reproducible, and captured all the logs.
How can I privately send you all the logs, I suspect it has some sensitive content.

I will be turning off the tracing now due to the performance impact


I’ve sent you a private message.