Sonarqube 8.0 service does not start on Amazon EC2 instance

Ver: SonarQube 8.0

I have installed sonarqube 8.0 on an Amazon EC2 instance. When I run the shell script as an user (sonarqube), it stops immediately.
I don’t see the log file getting updated under /opt/sonar8.0/logs/sonar.log
However, when I run the shell script “” as root user, it obviously stops after a second and update the log file under the path mentioned above.

Is there a place I can look for the logs when I start at the user?

Also, is there a way I could start the elastic search service as non root user?

Thank you and any help is appreciated.



Welcome to the community!

If root is able to write to the logs, but your normal sonarqube user does not… it’s likely a permission problem. Make sure your sonarqube user has all rights on the SonarQube directory, recursively.