SonarQube 7.9: Set Code Coverage Parameter in Build Phase of Jenkins


We are using below Applications:

Jekins 2.176
SonarQube 7.9 LTS Community edition
SonarQube Scanner: For MSBuild 4.8 dotnetcore 3.0
Application Version: .Net 3.0

I’m trying to import Code Coverage Report and also would like to include test results report too.

I’m trying to set property in Argument field to code coverage file .xml. in Jenkins Job - Build Phase. using:


But it is failing to take the report : Shows below error.

New run name is '#14 Branch rev. 210'
[EZBook_SonarTesting] $ dotnet D:\Sonarqube\sonar-scanner-msbuild-\SonarScanner.MSBuild.dll begin /k:Book-SonarTesting /n:Book-Appl /v:1.0 / ******** - Dsonar.coverageReportPaths=CoverageReport\CsCodeCoverage.xml
SonarScanner for MSBuild 4.8
Using the .NET Core version of the Scanner for MSBuild
Pre-processing started.
Preparing working directories...
12:59:21.494  12:59:21.492  Unrecognized command line argument: -Dsonar.coverageReportPaths=CoverageReport\CsCodeCoverage.xml
12:59:21.494  Expecting at least the following command line argument:
- SonarQube project key
When connecting to a SonarQube server earlier than version 6.1, the following command line arguments are also required:
- SonarQube project name
- SonarQube project version
The full path to a settings file can also be supplied. If it is not supplied, the exe will attempt to locate a default settings file in the same directory as the SonarQube Scanner for MSBuild.
Use '/?' or '/h' to see the help message.
12:59:21.494  Pre-processing failed. Exit code: 1
New run name is '#14 Branch rev. 210'
ERROR: Execution of SonarScanner for MSBuild failed (exit code 1)
Archiving artifacts
[htmlpublisher] Archiving HTML reports...
[htmlpublisher] Archiving at BUILD level D:\Jenkins\workspace\Job_Name\EZBCoverageReport to D:\Jenkins\jobs\Job_Name\builds\14\htmlreports\Cs_20Coverage
Recording NUnit tests results
Previous steps failed the build.
Result is: FAILURE
Build step 'Quality Gates Sonarqube Plugin' marked build as failure
An attempt to send an e-mail to empty list of recipients, ignored.

Can anyone suggest me how to include Code Coverage report and test results in Sonarqube Analysis?
Trying to get Code Coverage shown in sonarQube report.

What code coverage tool are you using? Please read [Coverage & Test Data] Generate Reports for C#, .