SonarQube 7.6 breaks @ScannerSide annotation

(Lukas Joergensen) #1

SonarQube: 7.6
Sonar Scanner:

Error discussed here:

GitLab plugin stopped working.
@ScannerSide was deprecated in 7.6, package was moved:
org.sonar.api.batch.ScannerSide -> org.sonar.api.scanner.ScannerSide

GitLab plugin still used the old one for backwards-compatibility, but this does not work. Updating to the new one worked.

I imagine this could affect many plugins.

Edit: minor errors, sorry for the brevity of this report, it’s been a long day :slight_smile:

SonarQube 7.6 released
(Julien Henry) #3

Hi Lukas,

I replied on GitHub, but just for people reading this thread, the change that is affecting you is:

Starting from 7.6, PostJob is proper project level component (instead of a module level one, but only executed on root module), and consequently can’t see module level components.

(Lukas Joergensen) #4

Solution by @Julien_HENRY works.

The issue is not with @ScannerSide as such, but rather the PostJob which the new @ScannerSide just happened to fix.

Thanks for the support!