SonarQube 7.4 Quality Gates and Leak Period

I am new to SonarQube and LOVE what I am seeing so far. We are running Community Edition 7.4

We have setup a Quality Gate based on our company’s standards and have recently added the Leak Period as the project has moved into the stabilization period. We have projects that passed the gate before the leak period was set and some that fail the gate.

My question is if a project failed the quality gate before the leak period is set, will it continue to fail? OR is it marked as passed and only if the project drops below the gating criteria does it fail?.
For example
060119: Project ABC fails the QG
060219: Leak Period established as of 2019-06-02 for this project. What happens to project ABC here?
060419: New Code checked in with Project ABC, and it fails the Test Coverage Gating criteria. It should Fail the Gate.

What we are looking to do in this scenario is pass Project ABC on 2019-06-02. However when the new code is checked, we want the gate to Fail. Is this even possible?

Thank you in advance.


It’s difficult to say without specifics. However, if your project is currently failing because of conditions on ‘overall’ metrics (e.g. ‘Coverage’ rather than ‘Coverage on New Code’) then simply re-setting the New Code Period won’t change anything.

For the scenario you describe

You probably want to make sure your Quality Gate is only about New Code values.


Thank you this sounds like the solution we are looking for. I appreciate the help.
Since we are “newbies” to Sonar, are they any recommended free training course to help us understand this powerful tool better.


Hi Pam,

I’m not aware of any courses except obviously “The School of Life” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That said, please do feel free to open new threads with new questions. We’ll help all we can.


LOL Thanks never hurts to ask. The Community has been very helpful and responsive.

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