Sonarlint VSCode CFamily support

Hi Sonar team,

Is there any plan to add support for CFamily languages on VSCode? I see that VS has C/C++ support, but VSCode is a much better and lightweight alternative on macOS. It would be great if you could support this.

By the way, there is another related thread, but I wanted to open another topic under suggest new features category.


I have the same question. I really like VSCode for developing C++ code. Having Sonar support would be a great improvement.

The other thread is already a bit old. Is there a new outlook available?

Thank you!

Hello, thank you both for your expressed interest for C/C++ support in SonarLint for VSCode!

TL;DR: C/C++ support in SonarLint for VSCode is not on the short term roadmap.

The current SonarLint roadmap concentrates on providing the best UX possible to the most frequent IDE/language couples we notice in the wild - e.g: IntelliJ/Java, Eclipse/Java, VS/C#, VS/C/C++, VSCode/JS/TS, VSCode/Python.

In a perfect world :rainbow: given unlimited development and support bandwidth, we would love to support every language in every IDE :slight_smile: - and in the real world with limited bandwidth, we chose to give priority to the largest audiences we identified among our users - which also means that priorities can shift if we notice that a IDE/language couple is gaining traction.

This being said, we are (shameless plug) expanding the SonarLint team which means we should soon have more bandwidth to support more languages! And we indeed noticed that VS Code is becoming a very popular IDE for a wide range of technologies, including C and C++.


Thank you very much for the quick response! As far as I understood, SonarLint’s connected mode downloads the rules from the SonarQube server and does the analyzis locally. Or is there also a mode to send the source code to the server, let it be analyzed there, and only retrieve the results for rendering/markup in the locally running IDE/editor?

I’m inquiring because the latter could probably be pretty much language agnostic, which could possibly simplify things for C++. But the downside would be performance, I assume, especially for handling dependencies like includes/imports.

Hi @Knut_Stolze,

currently, for SonarLint, the analysis is always done on the client side, never on the the server side.

I suspect the number of developers using VSCode for C/C++ increased significantly when Microsoft created the Remote Development extensions. I for one began using it then. I would love to see C/C++ on the roadmap.


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