Sonarlint visual studio code self signed certificate problem with sonarqube connection

hey guys,
i have a problem with connecting vsc with sonarqube ce
sonarqube works behind proxy and also use self signed certificate

what i have already tested:

  • jdk custom path in visual settings
  • sonarqube certs to jdk path
  • sonarqube certs to jks to jdk path
  • turning off ssl checking in visual
  • installing jre instead of jdk

the only effect is that when i put certs or jks to jdk path it is loading couple minutes
before the issue was
the thing is that i cannot find any solution and troubleshooting doesnt say much, i would like to ask for help and if you can to place solution in docs/troubleshooting

Hey @Marcin_Siembida, sorry for the delay :wave: :see_no_evil:

Unfortunately, currently, it is not possible to set up a Connected Mode with a server that is behind a proxy out-of-the-box. We do have a ticket for this in our backlog. In the meantime, you could try the following workaround by using JVM’s standard proxy settings through the appropriate VSCode settings, e.g:

{ "": " -Dhttps.proxyPort=8080 -Dhttps.nonProxyHosts=localhost||" }

Hope this helps,