SonarLint spawning endless background tasks which never complete

SonarLint plugin version:

Whenever I start IntelliJ Sonar Lint starts “synchronizing projects”. It seems to create a few copies of this task. Sometimes a dozen or more. Today it created 79. They do not seem to ever complete, just hang around making my IDE unusably slow.

What could be causing this? Could it be that the plugin has improper handling of connection failures? My SonarQube server is behind a VPN which I sometimes forget to activate before starting IntelliJ.


Hi @lbenedetto, thank you for this very useful feedback, this is definitely a behavior we want to improve as it pollutes the user environment. I created this ticket that we will try to tackle later; we should probably have a timeout in case the server is not reachable.

I also have similar issue, and it seems to start recently. I tried cancelling the first (top) one, but it also seems to stuck (notice the cancel button is gone, but task still stuck running)

I have the exact same issue on the Android studio plugin. Multiple processes keep synchronising the project indefinitely.

Hello @MHD_Adeeb_Masoud, could you please share which version of SonarLint you are using?

This seems to happen to me even when I have a stable network connection which is properly authenticated with my VPN before opening IntelliJ

Hi there,

We just released a new version on the marketplace (10.5.0). It contains a number of fixes, notably around synchronization which was causing problems for the OP. Could you please update and give it a try?

For other people who posted in this thread, please also give a try to the new version. The fact that you use a VPN and maybe switch in and out of it might explain why some tasks are never-ending. For most background tasks, you should have the option to cancel it if you are in this situation. If it’s not the case, please report back on this forum