SonarLint Smart Notifications


(Bernardo Vale) #1

I was reviewing Sonarqube developer edition and found this particular feature interesting:

The problem is that the documentation is scarce, it doesn’t explain how do you enable the notification.

Can someone explain how it works? How do I enable smart notifications?

(Gilbert Rebhan) #2

how to do it for Sonarlint for Eclipse 3.6.0
When creating a new or editing an exisiting Sonarqube server connection you have a checkbox
for activation of notifications - default is activated:



(Bernardo Vale) #3

Hey Gilbert, thanks for replying.

I configure Eclipse/Intellij using the option but it’s still not clear to me how Sonarqube sends the notification.

I’ve configure the project binding a Sonarqube project, but still when I run sonar analysis in my CI server I don’t receive any notification in my IDE.

Is there anything I need to do on server side to enable the notification functionality?

(Duarte Meneses) #4

The notifications are about the quality gate of the project on SonarQube. So if the option is active and for example the project to which you are bound to goes from a green quality gate to a red one, you’ll get a notification.

(Bernardo Vale) #5

Right, I didn’t know it would send only if the quality gate state changes.

Thanks Duarte!