SonarLint Plugin Initialisation Error in Eclipse IDE

I have recently installed SonarLint plugin in Eclipse IDE on one of my workstation.

However, while initialising the plugin, I am getting below error.

Illegal character in path at index 16

because of which the plugin is not working as it fails while initialisation only.

I have used SonarLint frequently on other desktops as well, but I have never encountered such issue before.

Note: Username has been intentionally masked in the folder path shown in the screenshot below.


Error stack trace:

Unable to load plugin bundleentry://945.fwk697742350/plugins/sonar-html-plugin- Illegal character in path at index 16: file:/C:/Program Files/eclipse/../../Users/ABC/.eclipse/org.eclipse.platform_4.17.0_1709980481_win32_win32_x86_64/plugins/org.sonarlint.eclipse.core_7.2.1.42550/plugins/sonar-html-plugin-
at java.base/$ at java.base/$Parser.checkChars( 
at java.base/$Parser.parseHierarchical( 
at java.base/$Parser.parse( 
at java.base/<init>( 
at java.base/ 
at org.sonarlint.eclipse.core.internal.engine.StandaloneEngineFacade.topath( 
at java.base/$3$1.accept( 
at java.base/java.util.ArrayList$ArrayListSpliterator.forEachRemaining( 
at java.base/ 
at java.base/
at java.base/$ReduceOp.evaluateSequential( 
at java.base/ 
at java.base/ 
at org.sonarlint.eclipse.core.internal.engine.StandaloneEngineFacade.getOrCreateEngine( 
at org.sonarlint.eclipse.core.internal.engine.StandaloneEngineFacadewithEngine(StandaloneEngine 
at org.sonarlint.eclipse.core.internal.engine.StandaloneEngineFacade.runAnalysis( 

Any solution for this issue?


This is going to be fixed in the next release, that should come hopefully today.

This is the ticket: [SLE-501] Unable to load analyzers when Eclipse installation dir contain a space - SonarSource

Thanks for the update.

FYI SonarLint for Eclipse 7.3 has been released with a fix for this issue.

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