[SonarLint Intellij plugin] bug of class appears after running my project

Hi everyone.

There is an error in the sonarlint plugin for intellij, a bug only appears after I run my project and get a runtime error, for example this bug:
Non-serializable classes should not be written

Hello, thanks for your report.

It is not clear to me what the problem is. Could you please provide additional details? E.g what are you trying to do ? What do you expect? And what do you see?

Please feel free to add screenshots and relevant samples from “Log” tab in the “SonarLint” tool window.

Hi Jean,
1-what are trying to do?
ok i m trying to analyse reports for bug or code smells in my code

2-what do you expect
I hope sonarlint will analyze my project and report possible errors.

3-And whay you see
I see there are some rules that are only displayed when the code is built, not before the build.
before build project:

after build project and analyse again sonalint:

Thanks for the additional info!

This is kind of expected: the Java analyzer extracts some type and semantic information from the compiled Java bytecode, and it can only do so once the project is built. This can also mean that if the automatic build is disabled, there can be differences between the code and the bytecode.