SonarLint installed but not visible

Pictured above is my list of plugins/features in Rider. I cannot find SonarLint despite seeing that it’s installed and enabled. I’ve restarted my machine, and it’s been at least a week since it was installed.
What am I missing?

Hello @SD321,

Sorry for the late answer. A few questions:

  • What version of Rider are you using ?
  • Is the first screenshot showing the View > Tool Windows menu ?

I don’t reproduce the problem on my side. Could you have a look at the IDE logs ? You can normally use Help > Diagnostic Tools > Show log in files to open the log file. You might find something interesting.

Please keep us informed

I’m not sure which version I was on as there have been a few updates since then, but I update regularly and one of the more recent ones seemed to work. It showed SonarLint as disabled, finally, and I was able to re-enable it again which worked. Prior to whatever update that was, it did not show as disabled.
All appears to be well now.

Thanks for the update, glad you made it work!

I will close this thread, feel free to reopen if you face any other problem.

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