SonarLint for Visual Studio leaves behind two orphaned node.js processes on exit

Good morning,

I use Visual Studio Professional V16.10.2 (V16.10.31410.357) with the SonarLint extension (V4.35.0.32570).

When I close Visual Studio (File/Exit) two node.js/conhost.exe process pairs are created that do not do anything useful and just clutter the Windows task list. The two node.js processes both have the following command line:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Professional\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\NodeJs\node.exe" "C:\USERS\[myUserName]\APPDATA\LOCAL\MICROSOFT\VISUALSTUDIO\16.0_5022B82B\EXTENSIONS\SIWDH1I0.NQ5\ts\bin\server"

When I start and close Visual Studio several times per day I get dozens of those processes. These processes never disappear and they do not do anything.

Is anyone from sonarsource interested in this bug report? Is this the right place to post it?

Hi @dbs_fs - welcome to the community. Yes, this is the correct place to ask questions and report issues. Please have a look at the forum FAQs for more information about interacting with the community.

Is your VS closing down normally, or is it crashing?
Does this only occur if you are working on projects that contain TypeScript/JavaScript files?

There is a known bug that the external processes used to analyse TS/JS are not shut down if VS crashes. However, they should be terminated when the solution closes or VS shuts down normally.

Thanks for answering.

  • This is a normal exit. No crash.
  • I only use Visual Studio for .Net Visual Basic programming. No TypeScript or JavaScript files.
  • It happens always.
  • Nodejs is running ts\bin\server in the SonarLint extension directory
    ** Extension SIWDH1I0.NQ5 is SonarLint


@dbs_fs thanks for reporting the issue and for the additional information. I can reproduce the issue and have created bug ticket #2469. I haven’t found a workaround, I’m afraid.

We’ll address it in the next hardening sprint.

Hi, Duncan, thanks for looking into the issue. I really appreciate that.


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