SonarLint for AI prompt generation

Hi all,

We are thrilled to announce a new flavor of SonarLint: SonarLint for AI prompt generation!

SonarlInt for AI prompt generation runs as a Chrome extension (Firefox coming soon!) and automatically analyzes your AI prompts before you submit them.

You may have seen discussions on Reddit or Twitter about inaccurate, weird, or even scary responses from AIs. SonarLint for AI offers 5 new rules to help you get the most from your AI interactions:

  • S4238: Prompts should be syntactically and grammatically correct
  • S4239: Prompts should be short and simple
  • S4240: Prompts should be clear about what is expected in the response
  • S4241: Prompts should not ascribe or imply emotions in chatbots
  • S4242: Prompts should not provoke the singularity

SonarLint is always free. You can install it in Chrome to get started today.


April Fools :stuck_out_tongue:

someone will integrate a code linting solution with OpenAI - ChatGPT like Microsoft GitHub

SonarQube Connector for Jira, the latest version integrates with OpenAI

check out their documentation. we want SonarLint for AI (No Jokes :slight_smile: )

Open AI integration - SonarQube Connector for Jira - Confluence (

Hi Ann,
Thank you for this announcement :slight_smile:
When you say “Firefox coming soon!”, do you know on what month that it will be available ?
Patrick A.

This was our April Fool’s Joke. :wink: Click the link.