SonarLint error: 'markers' has encountered a problem

Hi, when we Analyze our cobol programs using SonarLint we encounter the error:
’markers’ has encountered a problem.
An internal error has occurred.

Even though we encounter the above error, we can still see the issues of the cobol program in the SonarLint Report tab.

How can we remove the error? Thank you!

** versions used*
SonarLint for Eclipse -
Topaz Workbench - Version: 18.2.5 - Build Date: 20180129
** steps to reproduce*
Open the cobol program, then press the Analyze button in the SonarLint option
** potential workaround*
We just press ‘OK’

Hi @alienjep

Sorry for the late reply. I hope you managed to solve your issue. If not I suggest you try to reach Compuware support, they will come back to us if needed. Also it would be helpful to get the full stacktrace of the error (this is visible in Error Logs view in a normal Eclipse, not sure for Topaz).