SonarLint Eclipse Plugin flagged as virus by Windows Defender


this morning I was greeted by the following message from Windows Defender:


It’s in german but I’m sure you get the idea. Not sure if this is legit or a false-positve but it would be great if someone could verify this.

Edit: Re-installing the plugin via Eclipse Marketplace did not fix this issue.



Thanks for reporting this. This is not the first time. Last time I did report the FP to Microsoft, and the problem was gone in the next update of Windows Defender definitions.
I will try to reproduce.

Can you give us the exact version of your definitions?

Hello Henry,

see the versions below:


my exact version is 1.315.410.0

I managed to reproduce:
Detected as Trojan:Win32/Emali.A!cl
Definition version: 1.315.410.0

I submitted a false-positive case to Microsoft, sorry for the inconvenience.

Please configure an exclusion if you can in the meantime:

My report case was marked as completed on Microsoft side, and I can’t reproduce the false positive with latest definitions of windows defender (1.315.917.0).

Please let me know how it goes on your side.

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