SonarJava: StackOverflowError with squid:S2637


(Nicolas) #1
  • Versions used

    • latest sonarqube (7.3)
    • latest plugin SonarJava (5.7)
    • maven 3.5.2
  • Error observed:

    • “A stack overflow error occurred while analyzing file”
  • Steps to reproduce:

    • Configure a Quality Profile for Java including squid:S2637 ("@NonNull" values should not be set to null)
    • Clone the project here:
    • Run ‘mvn compile sonar:sonar’
    • Boom. (part of the stack is available inside ./stack.txt)

Well, actually, I can’t reproduce the StackOverflowError every time, which is even worse.
I ran the maven command three times in a row, no error, went for a drink, came back, ran it once, and then it failed.
I sincerely hope the drink is not required to reproduce the problem.