SonarGo not able to follow path to test results

Version Used:
Licence : Developer Edition
Branch 7 (build 11001)
SonarGo 1.1.0 (build 1612)

What we are trying to achieve:
We would like to get test results & coverage for Go application to be captured in SonarQube using SonarScanner.

Test coverage is getting capture but test results are not.

Scenario 1:
Tests are executed at each module level using loops and individual test report generated for each module.
The parameter -Dsonar.go.tests.reportPaths has value **/report.json.

We are getting the below error in the analysis log and no results available in SonarQube.
ERROR: Coverage report can’t be loaded, file not found: ‘/home/core/workspace/xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/**/report.json’, ignoring this file.

Scenario 2:
Tests are executed at the root level. A single test report is available at the project root.
The parameter -Dsonar.go.tests.reportPaths has value src/aaa/report.json.

We are getting the below warning in the analysis log and no results available in SonarQube.
WARN: Failed to find test file for package aaa/bbb/ccc and test dddd/eee

Thanks in advance!!!


In Scenario 1 you are using wildcards in the value for parameter **/report.json. They are not supported by Go analyzer.

Concerning the error in Scenario 2, are you importing in SonarQube test files? You should do it with sonar.tests property (see