SonarCloud's branch analyses posts Code Smells in my name

Hi There!

Recently we implemented SonarCloud for multiple disciplines, repo’s and languages in our DevOps team. Probably a simple question, but haven’t been to figure out / find the setting to modify this behaviour:

Whenever a new Pull Request is being analysed, code smells are posted in my name. Desired behaviour would be to change this to a more general user name (e.g. SonarCloud Analysis Bot or something).

Hope you can help. Looking forward to your response!
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  • ALM used: Azure DevOps
  • CI system used: Azure DevOps
  • Steps followed: Followed the regular SonarCloud onboarding to connect repo’s.

Hey there.

This is expected behavior, as the token was generated for your account.

As noted in the Getting Started documentation for Azure DevOps:

We strongly encourage you to add a technical user to your organization, log in to SonarCloud using that technical user, and use the access token of that technical user to connect your Azure DevOps organization to SonarCloud.

This would allow you to control the name of the user posting comments.

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