SonarCloud with Flutter and GitHub Actions

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  • ALM used: GitHub
  • CI system used: GitHub Actions
  • Languages of the repository: Dart

I purchased a SonarCloud licence to analyse our Flutter app which is build with GitHub Actions. Now I learned that the Sonar Flutter doesn’t seem to be compatible with SonarCloud. It is only for SonarQube which was a surprise and I wonder if I still need the SonarCloud licence.

Is it possible to run a DockerContainer with SonarCloud and the Sonar Flutter plugin on github Actions and then report the result to some place (eventually my SonarCloud account)?
Do you have any suggestions? I will not install SonarQube on premise, only a cloud solution is possible.

Hey there.

Flutter is not a supported language on SonarCloud, only being available through SonarQube through a community-supported plugin. It’s not possible to execute the plugin and upload the results to SonarCloud.

You can vote for official support on our roadmap.

Hi Colin,
thanks for your help. Are their any recommendations to host SonarQube?