SonarCloud with C++/Qt

Hi There!

We try to evaluate SonarCloud to use it on our projects. We already tried with some Python Apps and for this it runs great :slight_smile:
But our main applications are created with C++, Qt - and I have some problems getting it to run there.

Is there a simple example for a SonarCloud pipeline with C++/Qt running on Azure Devops?

I think this would help me/us the most :slight_smile:
Especially I have difficulties understanding the concept of the buildwrapper, and the build-wrapper-output property.
Where should this property point to? (in regards to a qmake-based C++ project)


Hey there.

Have you checked the documentation on the SonarScanner for Azure DevOps > Analyzing a C++ project?

When you execute the build wrapper (wrapping your build command) you define an --out-dir. This directory should be the value of