SonarCloud with Azure DevOps for AWS Lambda

I am using Azure DevOps, my SonarCloud project is in private. Currently I have 300++ AWS lambda that is in its individual repo and individual pipeline, I wish to have SonarCloud do a scan on them before I deploy but that would mean I need to go to these 300++ pipeline to setup up SonarCloud, is there a better way that I don’t need to create 300++ SonarCloud projects for this?

Hi @jltan82 and welcome to the community !

So just to be clear : all your AWS lambdas are in one single repository ? Or do they have their own repo for each ?

Then it depends : If this is one repo, then you can create an extra pipeline which will analyze this repo and normally discover all your python files and push the analysis on one SonarCloud project.
If this is one repo per lambda, then yes, you’ll need a SonarCloud project/analysis per repository.


Hi Mickael,

Thanks for your response, much appreciate it.

Yes, unfortunately we are using one repo per lambda, I guess there is really no other choice.

One choice i see is probably to create a single repo on which you can copy all the lambdas, and sync them on that repo if they are modified, just for you to ease the analysis. WDYT ?

Yup, I guess that would be a better choice for future maintainence sake.