Sonarcloud/tslint/TypeScript/AzureDevOps: Pull request decoration issues not automatically fixed anymore

  • versions used: sonarcloud + Azure DevOps extension + TypeScript/tslint
    Hi since mid march we have issue with the pull request decoration from SonarCloud in AzureDevOps:
  • steps to reproduce

1/ create a pull request:

  • we use tslint to generate a report to Sonarcloud:
    tslint --project . -t json -o ts-lint-report.json
  • we give the report with:
  • the pull request gets decorated as expected
  • the quality gate is red as expected
    Code Smell: The key ‘description_value’ is not sorted alphabetically (external_tslint:object-literal-sort-keys)

2/ we update the pull request with the fixes:

  • the quality gate turns green as expect
  • the issues remains in the pull request

Any help greatly appreciated!

I’ve just noticed this in one of our projects as well. What would be really helpful is some kind of log that we could check regarding the PR decoration calls being performed for each of the background tasks.