SonarCloud to analyse Azure Data factory projects which has code in JSON format in repository

I want my Azure data factory project to be analyzed using SonarCloud. The files are coming in JSON format in the repository. But its not getting analyzed. Could someone help me to get any helpful inputs for this? I could see that there is no direct ways to analyze JSON files. But if we could use any of the tasks to achieve it, it would be helpful.

Saw an option using MAVEN task. But couldn’t get analyzed the JSON files. Only XML files were analyzed.

Welcome your suggestions.

Thanks in advance


I’ve got some remarks to help you better define what you want to achieve.

I think it would be great to share some details about “Azur data factory” projects: what is that? who or what is writing the JSON files you are talking about?

Also, even if SonarCloud was scanning JSON files, it wouldn’t mean you get any value out of it … because SonarCloud is having no rules specific to “Azur data factory”. So I think once you clarified what is “Azur data factory”, it would be great to express what you would expect to detect by analyzing your JSON files.



Thanks for your response.

I will try to provide more information to make it more clear.

We have some ADF (azure data factory) pipelines created in Azure portal, which are checked in to Azure DevOps repository. From those repositories, we will be viewing the files in JSON formats under a folder pipelines. We will also be having different datasets as well listed in different folders. Each of the tasks used in Azure Data factory pipelines will be having some sort of SQL statements or queries behind it to fetch the required data for the load. So when we view the JSON files, it will be showing those queries as well.

So I wanted to know whether there are any options if possible to read those JSON files and analyze it using Sonar Cloud.