SonarCloud Supported with Version Specific of programming languages

I have so many questions:

  1. Sonarcloud supports multiple languages around 25 languages, so my question is that if the version of any of the languages is updated then it works or not?
  2. In SonarCloud is there any way to create a custom rules for the analysis as per the Developer’s requirement.
  3. In SonarCloud is it possible to check/do the analysis of the code without committing to the branch?


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We try to keep it to one topic per thread. Otherwise it gets messy, fast. I’ll give you shallow answers to all your questions, but if you have followups, I reserve the right to ask you to create new threads.

Sorry, but I really don’t understand what you’re asking.

Your best bet is to run your rules via some other mechanism before analysis and then feed them into SonarCloud with the Generic Issues format.

That implies running analysis outside your CI, which really isn’t prudent. If you’re after pre-commit analysis, then look at SonarLint, which is a free IDE extension compatible with most popular IDEs.


Hi @ganncamp
This is regarding my first question:
As SonarCloud supports C#, so my question is that if the version of C# is updated then the SonarCloud is still working or not? Same question for all other languages also?


Sorry, updated where?

Are you asking whether SonarCloud supports new language versions? If so, that’s something we work on continuously and iteratively. You can see what’s been added recently in the ‘What’s new’ section in the top menu:

If you’re asking about upgrading what’s on your build agent, then you’ll want to watch the scanner docs to see what versions are supported.