SonarCloud reports no problems on Github PRs

The Maven Sonar scan plugin is configured in the parent POM of the kie-soup project and enabled with the Maven profile sonarcloud-analysis:

The command executed in our CI is the following. The properties defined within the sonarcloud-analysis profile should be taken by the command if I’m not mistaken. There’s a previous JDK8 build of the project that generates the binaries and then we run a second step with just generating resources and enabling the profile to execute the analysis using JDK11.

mvn -B -s /path/to/settings.xml -nsu generate-resources -Psonarcloud-analysis -Denforcer.skip=true -Dsonar.login=****

The logs for the scan are clean, without errors, and we seem to send some data for the analysis as I can see in the SonarScanner context on the Background Tasks of the Administration section.

Is there a way to further check what’s going on with the analysis? Or whether we are sending the appropriate data?

Many thanks in advance.



An update on this just in case it’s useful for someone else. We were merging the source branch into the target of the PR so the scan was done using the PR target branch name and its result wasn’t detected as part of of the PR. After changing this the report was correct: [DO NOT MERGE] Sonarcloud check by almope · Pull Request #232 · kiegroup/kie-soup · GitHub


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