Sonarcloud Pullrequest analysis is running for the whole codebase rather than the Pull request


It is basically as the title suggests. I have seen multiple threads in this forum regarding this but I haven’t been able to find a solution. I am using CLI to run sonarscanner and the following is the sonarscanner running command

sonar-scanner \
  -Dsonar.organization=xxx \
  -Dsonar.projectKey=xxx \
  -Dsonar.sources=. \ \
  -Dsonar.exclusions=**/node_modules/**/*  \
  -Dsonar.token=xxx \
  -Dsonar.c.file.suffixes=- \
  -Dsonar.cpp.file.suffixes=- \

The sonarscanner version is I have censored the certain values with xxx for privacy reasons. This is analyzing the entire codebase rather than the individual PR. Am I missing any parameters?

Hey there.

What are the symptoms? That you see your entire codebase in the PR overview in your project dashboard, or something else?

Hello, thanks for the response. I believe I have sold the issue. However , I am facing another issue right now , Pull Request analysis shows 0 lines of code . Any help would be very much appreciated.