SonarCloud pull request status is not being displayed on the ALM

Thanks for your reply.
waiting for confirmation of the fix.


I have re-queue and recreate the PR. But issue still the same!!!


Issue is still persisting after multiple requeues of our pipelines in Azure DevOps.

Hi @paras & @entropic,

Our monitoring doesn’t see any current failures in the system and our test runs have returned successfully.

Can I get you each to create a new thread & provide all your details, including how you run analysis?


Done so, here’s the thread: Azure DevOps Quality Gate not decorating pull requests - SonarCloud - Sonar Community (

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HI G Ann,


here my scenario.

  1. My SonarCoud was working perfectly till morning
  2. Later in Azure DevOps Quality Gate Check stuck on waiting.
  3. I Checked with other projects, all project has the same issue
  4. I checked the PAT Token and verify it ( it was Valid )
  5. Check the Service Connection between Azure DevOps and SonarCLoud - Issue still the same

I tried with New PR and Re-queue options, issue still the same…

I have observed a discrepancy in the status update of our scanning results. Upon analyzing the situation, I’ve noticed that in SonarCloud, I can view the scanning results. However, in the Azure DevOps Pull Request (PR) overview, the status is not being updated as expected.

Also not seeing any improvements. Issue is still occurring with existing or new pull requests.

I’ve the same issue.

The PR build for new PRs are still stuck even today morning for us. Any update?

Same issue exactly since yesterday morning. Tried every step described by others in this thread, no results. The verbose logs in Azure DevOps for the Sonar steps in our pipelines shows a successful retrieval of the SonarCloud analysis results, but the quality gate remains in waiting status in our pull requests.

Also experiencing same missing quality-gate update problem since yesterday. I was hoping it would be fixed within 24 hours but sadly not this time :frowning:

Same on our side. Things haven’t improved and we are having to manually check the sonar cloud reports to progress PRs. Do we need to raise another ticket or are the original details still good? Seems like it’s still a general issue, affecting multiple people.

Same here, on the PRs the status check for sonarcloud quality gates are not working. There are on a infinite waiting status, but on sonarcloud the pull request branch is analyzed correctly.

Hope this will fixed soon, because in the meanwhile it’s a manual step that the team should care, deactivating the status check for afet activating it again…

we are also facing same issue. Team please help.

Also wondering why it takes so long to revert SonarCloud Services to previous state/version. This is impacting usage greatly. Absolute nightmare.

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Tried this today (so, about 16 hours after your post) and this is still the same .


It’s working. Thanks for fixing! It’s been 2 intense days :smiley:

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It’s also working for us. Thanks.

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