Sonarcloud Orb in CircleCI not reporting any issues, measures, code, for an open pull-request

Releasing the Sonarcloud Orb in CircleCI is a fantastic idea. So I give it the first try, but unfortunately, the orb is not reporting any issues, measures, code, for an open pull-request.

  • versions used: sonarsource/sonarcloud@1.0.1

  • error observed: nothing shows up in Sonarcloud GUI, Issues/measures/code all empty, for the pull-request adding Sonarcloud scan.

Sonarcloud dashboard

Pull-request: Run Sonarsource Orb by regel · Pull Request #68 · loudml/chronograf · GitHub

Circle CI logs

This project is using Typescript + Golang.

I tried using Sonarcloud orb for another project in Python and observed the same issue.

Hi @regel, welcome to the community!

The default behaviour for pull request is to only scan the code that was added/modified in the pull request. Since you did not add or modify any TS or Golang code in your PR, SonarCloud did not report any issues.

Try running it on your master branch, that should reveal some issues.

Hope that helps,

indeed, thank you Tom!