Sonarcloud: one github organization but few teams with different needs

We have a paid plan linked to a github organization, however so far only my team was using it. By team I mean few people identified by a github team. Now it is the case that some other teams in my company would like to use sonarcloud but before upgrading our plan we need to understand how it’s going to work.
In my company teams work quite independently so ideally each team would need a way to only care about their projects, and especially to set up their own quality rules. E.g. Java rules would be different for my team and another team.
I wonder how such separation in teams (sub-organizations if you want) can be best achieved or approximated at least. I see that is possible to add new organizations, the problem is that we all bound to the same main github org. Can we play around with permissions and teams?

Hi @ggrasso and welcome to the community !

The way SonarCloud works with GitHub is the following : you can link one and only SonarCloud organization to a GitHub organization (1:1 link).

That being said, in your case, i suggest that, as much as you can, you create one SonarCloud organization per “team”.

More generally, speaking about quality profiles, you can create multiple one per organization, with the name you want, so you can apply them to projects that belongs to team A, team B, so on… if they’re on the same SC organization.


Hi @mickaelcaro. I’m wondering how would we go about creating another organization on Sonarcloud since we only have only one org on github side.
You mentioned it’s a 1:1 link so I’m not sure how that would work.