SonarCloud not showing coverage on Pull Requests since last update

Issue Description

ALM Used: GitHub

CI System Used: GitHub Actions / Jenkins

Languages of the Repository: Java

SonarCloud Project URL: N/A (Private Repository)

Error Observed:

The GitHub pull request scans are no longer showing code coverage information on all of our Java projects. This issue has been persisting for the past two to three weeks, coinciding with a recent update to the SonarCloud user interface. Since the update, code coverage information is missing in the SonarCloud reports for our projects.
On the other hands, I still get the coverage information on the branch analysis.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create or access a GitHub repository with Java code.
  2. Set up a SonarCloud analysis for the repository.
  3. Create a pull request with code changes.
  4. Observe that the SonarCloud report for the pull request does not display code coverage information.

Potential Workaround

At this time, we have not identified a workaround for the missing code coverage information in the SonarCloud reports. We are seeking assistance to resolve this issue.

Note: Due to the private nature of our projects, we cannot provide direct access to the repository or SonarCloud project URL.

Please let us know if you require any additional information to investigate and resolve this issue.

Hey there.

This doesn’t quite reproduce it. Here’s a public pull request from a few hours ago that shows code coverage on one of our Java projects.

What are you seeing instead of the coverage information? A screenshot would be great.

Hi there,
Thanks for taking the time to see my request, here is the requested screenshot

Any update? We’re experiencing same issue.

Any update? We’re experiencing same issue.