SonarCloud initial set-up

Hi All,

Just a few questions about the initial setup of sonarcloud with Azure Devops:

  • Is there any other way, apart from a PAT token, to link Sonarcloud with our organization Azure Devops?
  • If no, does sonarcloud always require a active/valid PAT to function?
  • Can conditional access policies be turned on in Azure devops after the initial sonarcloud link is set-up?


Welcome to the community!


You don’t need a valid PAT to browse the results of a previous analysis. But you’ll need one if you want SonarCloud to interact with Azure Devops. E.G.*, if you want to onboard new project or decorate PRs.

Ehm… maybe? It’s not clear to me what the conditions would be - I’m not an Azure expert - so it’s difficult to say. You could certainly test it, with the understanding that if things start to go sideways you would need to roll back.


* This is probably a non-exhaustive list