SonarCloud did not find main branch

We have been using SonarCloud ( integrated with BitBucket for analyzing our Java project. Today (April 30th), out of the blue, it shows message “The main branch has no lines of code.”. We have other Java/Selenium project which continues to work.

We could not find any change around our Java project or settings which could have caused the issue.

I would appreciate some help to understand what is happening and fix that.


@cesarlino exact same behaviour here.

@cesarlino same issue here, lookint at the logs my problem seems to be the scanner ignoring java files because of javascript exclusion filter, even that my repository do not have any javascript file. The problem started yesterday too.

Same situation here:

Already multiple bug reports around for this topic. Looks like they broke something :confused:


The issue should be resolved by now.
Please have a look at this thread for further details or comments.


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