Sonarcloud custom billing

We have have a plan to implement sonarcloud on large scan (25-30 Projects) for one of my client.

We want to know if we can pull the project wise monthly scan report for billing.


Total lines of scan for Feb-22 = 1000K

Project1 = 50K

Project2 = 100K

Project3 = 850K etc.

So we can bill the individual projects as per their usage.

We dont want go for separate accounts as all these project belong to same client but different departments.

sample report we are expecting:

Month Project LOC scanned Total Cost
Jan-22 Project 1 1K -
Jan-22 Project 2 2K -
Jan-22 Project 3 50K -
Feb-22 Project 1 0K -
Feb-22 Project 2 1K -
Feb-22 Project 3 2K -
Mar-22 Project 1 0K -
Mar-22 Project 2 0K -
Mar-22 Project 3 1K -
Mar-22 Project 4 25K -

Let us know if this is possible with existing feature or is there any way we can write script to get this data ?

Thank you


Hello @nana_chorage ,

Welcome to the community!

You find a project distribution list for your private lines of code on your organizations’ billing page (Organization → Administration → Billing) by clicking on the “over x projects” link:

Please let me know if this already helps with your use-case.

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