Sonarcloud Build Templates not showing for Sonarcloud Azure DevOps extension


(Debayan De) #1

I have installed the Sonar Cloud extension for Azure DevOps, then imported the ‘Sonar Examples’ sample project from GitHub, but when I am creating a new Pipeline under Build, none of the sonarcloud templates are being shown there. Any help regarding this?

(Fabrice Bellingard) #2

I’ve just tried to create a new Pipeline under Build, and I can see the templates:

How exactly are you proceeding?

(Benjamin Justice) #3

We are affected as well. Installed the extension, followed the steps in the MS tutorial (selected classical editor) and cannot find any sonarcloud templates.

SonarCloud Extension is installed (link from MS tutorial)
Cannot post a second image, so you have to trust me, that the correct extension is displayed in the organization settings :slight_smile:

P.S. We are currently still on the Azure DevOps Free Plan + SonarCloud Paid Plan (preparing everything for the team to migrate)
Can this be the cause? I did not find any mention of a limitation

(Benjamin Justice) #4

Yester I logged out and back in, in case the extension would only be available after logging back in.
No success.

Today I logged into Azure DevOps and was excited to see the Templates available (despite missing the SOnarCloud Icon. They used the default .Net Template Icons), but the SonarCloud Tasks are missing :frowning:

As Fabrice was able to create these Pipelines on March 7th, I uninstalled the plugin and installed it again.

After uninstalling the plugin and then installing it again, I can now see the Templates and the Tasks are there as well.
So I assume the issue lies with installation of the plugin. It seems to be possible, that the installation fails sometimes.

(Fabrice Bellingard) #5

Thanks for reporting this weird behaviour, this might indeed be due to some unexpected things on Azure DevOps side :confused: