Sonarcloud API create project and initial scan

We are using Sonarcloud and trying to use the Sonarcloud API to create a new project that is referenced to a github repository.

A couple of things are happening:

  1. The project within sonarcloud is not linked to github
  2. After the initial scanning (using projectkey) there are two branches master (the main) and main

The problem we are having is our github repository has one branch initially… main

Within Sonarcloud we see:

  • Long-lived branches - master
  • Short-lived branches - main

Why is this happening? also is “linked” repositories only available for “automatic scanning”? we want to use manual scanning.

Basically I am doing the following:

Calling API passing in the following:

  • name=RepoName
  • project=ourorg_RepoName
  • newCodeDefinitionType=previous_version
  • newCodeDefinitionValue=previous_version
  • organiszation=ourorg
  • visibility=private

We then use sonar-scanner CLI passing in the following:

  • sonar.projectKey=ourorg_RepoName
  • sonar.organization=ourorg
  • sonar.projectVersion=1
  • sonar.token=thetoken
  • sonar.qualitygate.wait=false

How can we make the Long lived branch set to main? or is it always going to be master?

Things seem to be good if we create the project using the Sonarcloud UI… but we cannot use the UI and want to do this programmatically… is this not possible? or am I doing something wrong.

To have the project be created, bound to github, with the proper default branch, you should normally create it via the UI.

I would suggest voting on this item: Automatically import your repositories

Otherwise, you might be able to sort out what’s happening via API calls using this method: