SonarCloud and SonarQube 8


Now that SonarQube 8.2 has been released, is there an estimation on when SonarCloud will use such a new version? From what I understand SonarCloud is still running SonarQube 7, isn’t it?


Hey there,

I really don’t think you understand what my colleague @ganncamp is trying to communicate. SonarCloud is a different product than SonarQube – SonarCloud might get features SonarQube does not, and vice-versa. SonarCloud doesn’t really use a version of SonarQube (and there are ongoing efforts to clean up any such references), it’s just… SonarCloud version ∞ :slight_smile:

If there’s something specific you see in SonarQube announcements you don’t see in SonarCloud, you should advocate with specificity. What are you looking for in SonarCloud you don’t see? That will help our teams know what our users are looking for.



Hi Colin

probably my confusion was due to the fact they basically “look” the same and basically provide the same analysis mechanisms… typically an analysis done on my local SonarQube has the same results in SonarCloud and viceversa. Up to now at least: the look of SonarCloud is different from the one of SonarQube 8.2: the overview page is different…

In particular, SonarQube 8.2 highlights security hotspots in a “much stronger way” than SonarCloud.

Besides that I’m perfectly fine with both :wink:



The enhancements related to Security Hotspots UI provided with SonarQube 8.2 will come on SonarCloud in the coming months. We just decided to implement them first on SonarQube instead of SonarCloud.


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Thank you for the information Alexandre