SonarCloud analysis fails for PMD reports - Visit of Component X failed

  • versions used - SonarCloud

  • error observed
    Fail to process issues of component '' (Visit of Component {,type=FILE} failed)

  • steps to reproduce

  1. Send a PMD report to SonarCloud. It works OK the first time - all expected Code Smells are reported
  2. Commit changes to your code, so SonarCloud tries to analyze the code again. You’ll get the error above

The bug is listed as fixed - but obviously not in SonarCloud. So I guess the thing that is described in the bug still happens in SonarCloud:

If an issue is imported from an external rule engine with an empty message (""), it will end up being saved in the DB with a null message.
The next time the project is analyzed with the same issue, the issue tracking fails with a NullPointerException because of the issue without message in the DB.

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Hi @Ivan_Kozhirug, welcome to the community!

Thanks for raising the issue, with all the details. The issue is confirmed, we will work on a fix.

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Hi @Ivan_Kozhirug ,

We deployed a fix for this issue. Could you please re-test and confirm it works fine now?