SonarCFamily embedded documentation: Cache documentation

Hi @Alexandre_Gigleux,

Thank you for this helpful announcement.

You say:

I can’t find the section in the embedded documentation. I also cannot find it on the online documentation at

We are running SQ 7.9.2 LTS along with SonarCFamily 6.6.

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Hi @jochen.haag,

don’t you see the section Analysis cache like in this page?

Hi @mpaladin,

no, I do not see this section on the online documentation of SonarCFamily 6.6 which I have linked in my original post. Can you see it there? That would be really surprising. Just to make sure, here are screenshots I have just taken:

I also do not see it on our test instance running SonarQube 7.9.2 LTS along with SonarCFamily 6.6:

Is the documentation embedded in the plugin? So should it be updated on our instance when we update the plugin? At least that would be my expectation, else the embedded documentation does not make much sense to me.

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Hi @jochen.haag,

here is the explanation:

Thank you @mpaladin for this explanation.

I can accept this as a temporary workaround, but how can I know which is the correct documentation of the version of SonaCFamily we use? On these pages it does not say which version of SonarCFamily the documentation is for.

For it is even worse, because it says SonarCFamily 6.6 (or whatever the latest version is) and shows the documentation valid for a different version. That is very confusing.

Let’s say that we need to stick for some reason on an older version of the plugin e.g. because the newer version is only working with SQ 8.x but no longer with SQ 7.9.x LTS (we saw this for SonarCFamily 6.4 and later which was no longer supported on SQ 6.7.7 LTS). How to get the correct documentation in this case?

I just realized, that I switched the topic from where is the “Analysis cache” documentation to “How to get the documentation valid for a specific version of a plugin”. Sorry for that. I will use our Enterprise support to follow up this problem.

Hi @jochen.haag,

thank you for your feedback, starting with version 8.X you should look at the embedded documentation, it will reflect the installed plugin.

You are right, it is confusing, I am going to report it internally, thank you for the feedback.

In any case documentation is pretty much stable with the exception of new features like Analysis cache.