SonarAnalyzer 9.13 missing on

SonarAnalyzer was released two weeks ago on github, but is currently missing on
Could you please check, explain and/or fix?

I faced this issue because I found that the new SQ 10.3 includes this version of C# analyzer.

Hello @lg2de,

Due to some technical problems, we could not sign the NuGet packages for 9.13 and we did not push them to

However, you can still get nuget from our git repository.

But we want to consume it using “nuget restore”.
How to proceed?

One way to do it is to store the package in a folder and set this folder as a local nuget feed (see docs).

However, we are planning a new sonar-dotnet release (9.14) early next week, that will go to normally.
In case there’s no time pressure you could maybe wait for that.

@lg2de We had some technical issues with but sonar-dotnet 9.14 is now available there!

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