Sonar with Spring Boot and Angular configuration

Am using
SonarQube * Version – 7.9.2,
Sonar-Maven-plugin —
Sonar angular npm – “sonar-scanner”: “^3.1.0”

I have already configured sonar scanner for angular and spring boot services and its working fine.
Spring boot services : Configuration is as below

  1. Sonar plugin
  2. jacoco plugin
  3. sonar properties (source, exclusion, language, url)

Angular : i have defined which contains (source, exclusion, language, url)

Am looking for the best practice.

I have 10 Spring boot services. I feel like providing sonar properties (except exclusions) in each pom.xml is redundant. We don’t have common pom to connect all the spring boot services as each service is independant.

I have 3 angular projects. providing sonar properties (except exclusions) in each is redundant.

What is the best place to define the properties in single place ?


Welcome to the community!

If you have a pom, then I guess you’re building with Maven. So you should be analyzing with Maven too; it will pick up most of the relevant values for you from the poms & no need to provide!