The sonar helm repo has this section in the readme

|jvmOpts|(DEPRECATED) Values to add to SONARQUBE_WEB_JVM_OPTS||

However in the values.yaml it says to use SONAR_WEB_JAVAOPTS

(DEPRECATED) Please use SONAR_WEB_JAVAOPTS or sonar.web.javaOpts

jvmOpts: “”

jvmOpts: “”

This is also mixed in a number of sections of values.yaml and it is a bit confusing

Which is correct?

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Dear @Tsuesun,

welcome to our community! You raised a very valuable comment and we just took it into consideration to improve our documentation (please check this PR).

On a side note, SONARQUBE_WEB_JVM_OPTS is an old environment variable and got replaced by SONAR_WEB_JAVAOPTS (the same happened to SONARQUBE_CE_JVM_OPTS with SONAR_CE_JAVAOPTS).

Please let us know if that’s clearer now, do not hesitate to contact us back if that’s not the case.

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