Sonar taking too much time so reduce analysis time

HI Team,
We are running Sonar from Teamcity agent with below mentioned specifications. earlier same execution took 20 mins or so and now it is taking 45min to 1hr and reaching upto 1hr:15min as well.

we have tried increasing java memory and cpu + Disk is sufficient to run the execution.

  • SonarQube version : Data Center Edition Version 8.9 (build 43852)
  • During entire job run
    CPU = 34.78%
    Disk = 0.6%
    Memory = 7.82%
  • During Sonar analysis :
    CPU = 21%
    Memory = 2.00%

Hey there.

If you are running Data Center Edition, you certainly have access to SonarSource commercial support offering (SLAs, confidential communication, a dedicated Support Engineer working on your case). I’d suggest raising a ticket there.