Sonar scanner not publishing new code on git separate sub directory

Hi all,
need some help with following :

we have a ui project… it is a combination of two separate repo …

git repo-> ui_main
git repo2 → plugin_a

for building whole project…
we need to checkout plugin_a inside plugin directory…
so folder structure →


  • src/a.js
  • src/b.js
  • src/plugin/plugin_a/

we need to run npm install from ui_main folder only…

now while doing sonar analysis … for new change went in ‘plugin_a’ … folder it does not show up in the
sonar new code analysis …

Is there any possibility to have the new code changes in ‘plugin_a’ to show up in sonar scanner gui.



Welcome to the community!

You’re running into a “last saved wins” situation here. PR decoration wasn’t built to handle multiple repos for one project.


hi @Baitanik_Talukder ,
Interesting case you have here :slight_smile:
Our analyser, as @ganncamp said, was not designed to analyse two separate repo in the same SonarQube project.
My suggestion would be to

  • build your plugin_a, publish it as a node package and analyse it with a separate SonarQube project. (Then add the dependancy for ui_main)
  • OR use a monorepo setup where both ui_main & plugin_a are in the same repo but different folders. Then you can analyse the full monorepo with SonarQube

Hope it helps :slight_smile:
Kind regards,


To be clear, PR decoration in monorepos starts in Enterprise Edition($$).