Sonar Scanner not able to download scanner engine shaded JAR


SonarQube version: 8.9.10-community
SonarScanner for MSBuild 5.9.2
Sonar Scanner version:

I am trying to setup sonarqube community edition locally to give it a try. I user docker instance of sonarqube server (8.9.10-community tag) and sonar scanner for .NET installed via dotnet tools.
I would expect to launch the web server, perform .NET solution analysis and see the results in the dashboard of the WebUI. At the moment I am stuck with the analysis step of the scanner.

My actions

  • I’ve installed JDK 11 and configured by JAVA_HOME and PATH ENV variables to point to the bin folder.
  • I’ve run sonarqube server as docker instance with the following command: docker run -d --name sonarqube -p 9000:9000 sonarqube:8.9.10-community (Server is up and running successfully)
  • I’ve created a project with unique key: example “demo” and generated a token for it
  • I’ve installed sonar scanner for .NET with the command: dotnet tool install --global dotnet-sonarscanner
  • Now I am trying to run the scan against my .NET solution. I am using commands specified by the quickstart (see screen attached)
  • When I am trying to execute sonarscanner end I am getting following exception after some period (see other screenshot). I’ve tried downloading sonar-scanner-engine-shaded file directly with curl command from the sonarqube instance but it gets timed out as well. I don’t think there is any firewall issue or whitelist as I am executing all of it locally. I can’t really fetch any additional data from logs (access logs show that GET response executed with status code 200, server logs don’t show anything). Is there any hint I could use to proceed with it?


Hey there.

I would recommend checking two things:

  • How are the resources within your Docker container (related to CPU, memory, disk space)?
  • Are there logs in any of the other log files (you’ve already checked access.log – what about es.log and web.log?

Thanks a lot for the reply!

  • I’ve just run another try for the scanner and resources for the docker instance seem to be fine (there were some fluctuations but CPU is under 20% all the time and as you see limits are not met)
  • I’ve checked other log files (log level changed to DEBUG) at there were no mention of the issue or basically any actions during the time period when dotnet sonarscanner end ... was performed. PS: I’ve started using 8.9.10-community version and that’s the version question created against. I believe there is no ‘access.log’ file in this version, but I’ve had exact the same behavior in 9.7.1 version and on that version I was able to check the access.log (which just contained /GET 200 request)

Is there something else I can dig into?
(I can attach log files if needed)



The solution for the following thread was to disable antivirus locally.
I checked the default firewall but forgot about ESET antivirus that was sitting on my machine. :face_exhaling:

After I disabled antivirus I was able to download .jar file both via browser and during scanner process.


Thanks for the follow-up!

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