Sonar Scanner execution failure at Load active rules

Running on Windows, upgrading from 9.3, Using JDK 17(upgrade from 11), and SQL 2019

After upgrading, every time I try to run the scanner I get an execution failure at the load active rules step. I’ve tried adjusting properties on the scanner properties, sonar properties.
scanner error.txt (24.5 KB)


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Here’s what I see in your log:

org.springframework.beans.factory.UnsatisfiedDependencyException: ... Fail to request url: http://[Server IP]:9000/api/rules/search.protobuf?f=repo,name,severity,lang,internalKey,templateKey,params,actives,createdAt,updatedAt,deprecatedKeys&activation=true&qprofile=AX9W4e21hGfPQnCuiWog&ps=500&p=1

Caused by: Read timed out

I suspect there’s something “helpful” on your network interfering with the download. Note that from one version to another, the underlying analyzers you’re downloading in this part of analysis may get larger. So I suspect that an artifact that fell under the threshold in previous versions no longer does.

You should talk to your network folks.


I added rules to our firewall has a rule to allow aIl traffic between the sonarserver and our test enviroment. Looking at the firewall logs I do not see any dropped connections between the scanner server and the Sonarqube server. I had already tried setting sonar.web.http.keepAliveTimeout=-1 to prevent timeouts. Does the scanner need to connect to any other external IP’s in order to function?


Thanks for checking your firewall. Going back to the original log, I see that it took 44s to download the last successful plugin.

That’s about how quickly users’ web sessions expire. It shouldn’t be relevant here. On the other hand, analysis parameter should help.

Another thing to look at is why it’s taking the server so long to respond. Looking back through similar threads, I found an example where the SonarQube instance was hosted on the same box as GitLab. The resource contention slowed SonarQube enough to cause timeouts. So you might want to look at server resources too.