Sonar Scanner download url


  • which versions are you using:
    SonarQube 8.9, although not very relevant to my question

  • what are you trying to achieve:
    I need a stable way to retrieve binaries from Sonar (now mainly limited to Sonar Scanner and Sonar Scanner for .Net, as the plugins are now part of the platform). We were used to implementing a remote repository pointing to, but this location seems to miss some binaries (no Sonar Scanner for .Net 5.x there, for example)
    Are you still pushing binaries there, or are you using only github binary distribution for new versions?

  • what have you tried so far to achieve this

Hi @Vincent_Klock,

Does this look like what you are searching for?

Hi NotTobi,

Thanks, this is the location I was used to using (via my internal proxy server).
But if you get there, you will not find Sonar Scanner for .Net (version 5.x branch of the Sonar Scanner for MSBuild), the latest available there is Sonar Scanner for MSBuild 4.7. This is why I am raising this question, basically.

Hello @Vincent_Klock,

You can download the latest version of the scanner from the following location:

Thanks Čaba Šagi,

Does it mean that you will stop pushing updates to


I have opened an issue in the sonar-scanner-msbuild repository to publish the artifacts also to However at this point I cannot tell you when it is going to be fixed.

All the best,

thanks Čaba

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