Sonar-scanner don't find source files

My scanner does not find the files or can’t associate the files with the information in build-wrapper-dump.json.

I tried various settings within sonar.projectBaseDir and sonar.sources but I allways get errors.

I received the following Warning:
WARN: File ‘c:\Shared Components\Com\test.c’ is ignored. It is not located in project basedir ‘C:\Controller\ReleaseDiag’.

This is true but what can I do that the scanner will accept the source?

If I use c:\ as sonar.projectBaseDir the message is
WARN: Invalid probe found, skip analysis of files:…

what is the correct setting?


Hello @Stroickn,

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Don’t change sonar.projectBaseDir, just run the scanner from a directory that contains all the source files that you want to analyze.


Thanks for your quick reply, but I have an existing Project with grown directory tree of sources. It must be possible to tell the scanner where to find the sources. Even if I not set the projectBaseDir and start from the current dir, I get this Message:
WARN: Invalid probe found, skip analysis of files …
The issue is the the store path in the build-wrapper-dump.json file starts allways with …/
But with this the file are not located in project basedir.


Can you share the build-wrapper .json and .log files and the scanner output in verbose mode(-X) when you set the projectBaseDir to somewhere that contains all files. Let me know if you prefer to share them privately.


Can I send you an Email with the files?

As discussed with @Stroickn, the issue was fixed by running the scanner from a directory that includes the sources and updating build-wrapper.

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